Dear Colleagues,

Next September 2020, it will be our great pleasure to welcome you to Istanbul Reconstructive Breast Cancer Surgery (IREBS) Workshop for the eighth time since 2013. This basic oncoplastic breast surgery training programme is a project of SENATURK which has over 10-year experience in academic and clinical training on breast health. This year’s programme will also include all aspects of therapeutic mammoplasty which we think breast surgeons should be skilled on. Therefore, we do expect that this workshop will attract those surgical oncologists with major interest in breast cancer management.

Leading certified and experienced breast and plastic surgeons will be the tutors and trainers during the workshop. The language of the event will be English. The programme will be composed of both lectures on oncoplastic breast surgery as well as implant-based reconstruction after mastectomy and hands-on modules for therapeutic mammoplasty techniques. The course attendants will listen to eminent surgeons about principles, indications, technique selection, preoperative planning and preperation, technique details, visual documentation, outcome assessment, avoidance and management of complications after therapeutic mammoplasty. The participants will practice at 5 different hands-on modules in which 8 basic therapeutic mammoplasty techniques as well as implant and latissimus dorsi flap reconstructions will be demonstrated. In each practical module, minimum two trainers will teach and coach trainees in small groups. During 4 of therapeutic mammoplasty modules, participants will be practicing “marking-up” and “surgical technique” on live as well as imitation models. Trainees will also practice on cadavers for implant and LD flap-based reconstruction techniques with “marking-up” on live models at a seperate module. As the third component of the workshop, the trainees will follow two different MDT board sessions in which clinical cases will be discussed with eminent and experienced physicians from pathology, radiology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, breast and plastic surgery.

We do hope you will enjoy the workshop and return to your professional life with more skilled and better understanding of the role of oncoplastic breast surgery. IREBS 2020 would also be a good opportunity for you to expand your network in breast surgeons community. 

Hopefully seeing you in Istanbul,

Bahadir M. Gulluoglu, MD, FACS, FEBS (Hon)

Convenor of IREBS & President of SENATURK  

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